Some of the questions commonly asked by our customers.

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Question Tango shoes are very beautiful! Are they only for dancing or they can be worn daily?
AnswerTango shoes are unique, handmade, collector’s items. They are made for endless hours of dance: they are comfortable and balanced with unique colors and designs. You may not be involved with dancing, but you can wear them daily if you are simply looking for a comfortable pair of high heels that will draw attention whenever and wherever you are!. Many of our customers avoided high heels until they got to know our shoes. Now, that’s all they wear!
Question How do i choose the correct Cardou shoe size?
AnswerA general rule for tango shoes is to choose them to be a bit tight at first so as to stretch and take the shape of the foot. They should fit “as a glove”. Our foot should cover the entire surface of the shoe and even in models with an open heel cage our heel should protrude slightly from the shoe. This way the shoe heel is in the center of our heel and we achieve a better balance. As a rule of thumb we choose half a size smaller than usual. If for example you normally wear size 37.5 (EU size) in Cardou shoes you should go for a size 37(EU size). If your normal size is 38 (EU size) and you have a thin to normal foot you should again go for a size 37 (EU size) in Cardou, if your foot is wide go for the 38 (EU size).

Additionally you can draw your foot print on A4 paper and measure distance A from heel to toe as shown in the below diagram:

Cardou premium tango shoes creations Measure the A distance

The correlation between the A distance and EU shoe size may be found below:

   A     EU size
22.5 cm    35
23   cm    36
24   cm    37
24.5 cm    38
25   cm    39
26   cm    40

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Question What are the general tips for choosing the correct shoe size?
AnswerAll our products follow the general European size specifications. However, if you have any query, feel free to contact us via e-mail at .

Usefull tips:

-Prefer comfort over appearance.

-Choose the smaller size but at the same time also look for comfort. If you intend to use your new shoes exclusively for dancing, your shoes need to feel “tight” in order to give you support. Keep in mind that the shoes will acquire the form of your feet over time. “Loose” shoes are not appropriate for dancing.

-Suede shoes tend to feel more comfortable, while leather or satin ones feel more “tight’’ but  they acquire fast the shape of your feet.

Below you may also find some specifc tips for each shoe company:

Women: We usually choose one size smaller than our regular one. If for example in regular shoes we wear a size 38, in tango we select 37. This is an absolute rule in half sizes: if for example in regular shoes we wear a 38.5, in tango we will wear for sure a 38.

Men: In this case, the size corresponds to the regular shoe size we wear.

Sneaker: In sneakers we wear our running shoe size.

Again, for any information or advice you can contact us by sending an e-mail to .

Question How do we measure heel height?
AnswerIn Cardou we choose to measure the height of the heel from the side, ie from the heel axis. This is the actual height we gain from that heel:

Cardou Heel Height

Tangolera measures the heel from the back side of the shoe. This creates a nominal difference of half a centimeter. In other words, the same heel in Cardou is measured as 8 cm and in Tangolera 8.5 cm.

Question How can I pay for my purchases?
AnswerWe accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Paypal, you can also use bank transfer.

Payment gateway used is:   

Question What should I watch for when my new shoes arrive?
AnswerFor starters, enjoy your new shoes!! We highly recommend that you are very careful in your first trial until you decide to keep them. Start by wearing only the right shoe on a carpet so that the soles or the heels are not scratched by hard surfaces. Please note that shoes whose soles are marked will not be accepted for exchange. Wear thin stockings and do not persist in wearing them if they feel small since this will stretch and spoil their form.  Once worn,  avoid movements that could crease, scratch, or open the skin.   In essence, products returned should not show any evidence of usage.
Question Can i return an item purchased at a discounted price or during a promotion?
AnswerItems purchased as part of a special promotion (i.e sale, black Friday, xmas bazaar e.t.c.) or at a discounted price are not eligible for a refund.
Question What happens in case i pick the wrong shoe size ?
AnswerOf course you can, provided that:

• you first contact us by e-mail at explaining the reason for returning the product.

• the product has not been used.

• the return takes place within 10 working days from the day of receipt.

• the product is accompanied by the documents which prove the transaction and date of reception.

If the above-mentioned terms and conditions have been met, you can select a product of equivalent type and price from our site . If you do not find an item to your full satisfaction, you maintain the right to select something from our next collections.

For more details and the exact process click here for our return policy.

Question How does the Newsletter service work?
AnswerIf you register to receive our Newsletter, you will be notified via e-mail about Cardou’s news as well as the addition of new products. The newsletter is sent monthly and we guarantee that your e-mail adress will not be made available to third parties. Please note that you may cancel your registration any time you wish.
Question How can I update my personal details?
AnswerLog in to your account, go to “My Account”  on the top right corner of the page, there you can update or review all your personal info.
Question How can i track my order?
AnswerOnce your order is handed over by Cardou to the courier company for delivery , you will be notified by e-mail for the track number and the relevant courier’s site were by entering the order track number,  you will be updated about the progress of the delivery.
Question Is it safe to use my credit card for on-line purchases at Cardou?
AnswerFor us It is very important that you feel safe when you browse in Cardou’s pages. All orders are made with the SSL encryption system which guarantees safe transactions and no credit card data are stored on our site. The transaction is handled solely by our payment gateway partner Viva.
Question Can i order an item that is no longer available or found in another site?
AnswerPlease send us an e-mail at with the description of the pair of shoes you want and  if possible a photo.  We will look into it and let you know.  Please keep in mind that in the case of handmade footwear extra charges and delivery time may apply.