Discover a world of effortless elegance & comfort, inspired by Art & Nature.

What does Tango mean to you? To us it means freedom, passion, artistic expression and elegance, but it also means stability and comfort, control and happy feet.
When Cardou was founded in 2009, Tango was gaining its first passionate followers in Greece and finding just the right pair of tango shoes, could prove quite challenging. We started importing high-quality tango shoes to put a smile on the face of those seeking for their perfect feet-fit and soon we became the first tango e-shop worldwide to offer a complete male and female collection of tango shoes and clothes.
But still something was missing: our perfect pair of posh high-heel tango shoes offering the “oh-so-amazing” feeling of a sneaker.
Many called us dreamers, but sometimes dreams do come true. All it takes is a ton of persistence, an armful of imagination and a pinch of “fairy dust”.

Every Cardou combines the best elements of all the tango brands we have worn and danced in, leaving out any of their flaws. We design and produce our every pair in Greece 100% by hand, using top quality natural materials and relying on highly experienced local artisans.
We opt for quality over quantity, we trust in exclusivity and limited-edition collections, we believe in ethical producing and trading. We choose to minimise our ecological footprint by embracing recyclable materials and by running a by-demand philosophy produce, which means we won’t be burdening the planet with over-stock, but also that each and every impressive pair of Cardou offers a collectible feeling, as there are very few pieces of each model to be found.
Our metatarsal support patent is our “fairy dust” and it makes all the difference in the world. You just need to try on a pair of Cardou, and you will discover a magical world of comfort you could not have imagined existing.